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With each subsequent painting comes another fascinating soul story … one filled with love and wisdom. Love floods the room during each session, opening the heart and mind of each being to more of who they are beyond their everyday lives.

Each person receives acknowledgement and affirmations for their soul's journey. Words flow more readily with each painting—more during the session —and even more still if I will sit at the computer and allow the information to flow through my fingers onto written pages. There is always an intensely beautiful reflection of love for each individual.

I have now painted individuals, couples, humans and their animal companions, as well as a living individual and her deceased mother—not to mention her entire lineage of ancestors begging to be painted in the picture … who finally appeared in a blended energy form. Each painting brings an incredible flood of energy prompting each individual to a greater sense of love for their selves on their journey in life … accompanied by a greater sense of purpose. Not only are the recipients moved to tears of joy or a deeper sense and acknowledgement of love, but I am also blessed with an incredible sense of love, honor, humility and fulfillment. The sense of oneness with all is undeniable.

The universal message in all of the soul portraits that most wants to be expressed is that we each are so much more than we ever can see and embrace in our normal everyday lives. We each are pure love in motion. It is very important that we learn to acknowledge more and more each day that we are great beings with the capacity to initiate great change in the world … simply by being who we are. No matter how different we might feel from others, it is important to learn to listen and express ourselves from the center of love for exactly who we are. It is from this space that we can nurture compassion for our self … and for each other person on this planet. It is from this space that we can learn about grace and its transformative powers. It is only from an appreciation of a greater sense of our own self that we may realize love and acceptance for our family of humanity.

This is the love and wisdom I have been asked to share today. There are many more messages of love that I will share later … as they are vast and as endless as the drops in the ocean.

By Katherine Skaggs—The Original Dream Weaver … following her dreams and inner urges … being more of herself each day … learning to love herself and honor her soul contract … acting more courageously, outrageously herself … inviting, encouraging, challenging each of you to do the same! May we one day realize that it is through Self-love that we connect and love one another, that we heal the world around us, that we become One. Namaste!

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