About Katherine Skaggs

Katherine Skaggs is a visionary artist, intuitive, author, teacher, spiritual counselor, shamanic practitioner, entrepreneur and painter of souls.

She is inspired to bring beauty, love, soul healing and a vision of inspiration to others through visionary art; empowering classes and workshops including intuitive painting classes, Artist Shaman Healer Sage courses, Journeying with the Goddess workshops; monthly New Moon Goddess Wisdom Circles and Full Moon Shamanic Healer Circles; in addition Katherine offers intuitive guidance and healing services including soul portraits (a process unique to Katherine and her intuitive guidance), intuitive readings and soul guidance sessions, shamanic healing sessions and spiritual coaching. Life’s experiences tell her that each breath is sacred, to live fully, to choose love in every moment, to aim for happiness and joy no matter what, and to see the divine within all beings.

The Early Years

Katherine Skaggs Child Artist

Child Artist

Katherine Skaggs has been an artist since she was a small child, as you can see from this photo taken when Katherine was only 3 years of age! Katherine began drawing as soon as a crayon was offered up! Even in these early days, Katherine was recognized as talented and skilled in drawing. At age 14 Katherine began oil painting, and later learned watercolor at age 19. Though Katherine expressed interest in many areas of life such as healing, sports, the outdoors and animals, she always drew and painted to express her true self.

Graduate, Kansas City Art Institute - Painting

Even after graduating with a teaching certificate and a BS in health and education from Oklahoma State University, Katherine was guided to continue to persue her art interests in her early 20s, constantly taking classes that would better her ability to see and to create. At age 26, Katherine was accepted into Kansas City Art Instititute, where she studied painting and printmaking. Katherine graduated with a BFA in painting from KCAI.

Early Spiritual Interests and Trainings

During her early 20s, Katherine also deepened her spiritual curiosity and interests and opened to the world of metaphysics. After moving back to Oklahoma City from Kansas City, Katherine pursued her curiosities in metaphysics, channeling, dreams and readings by ravenously devouring books and videos of the time on the subjects. Guided by her curiosity Katherine stopped in a Psychic Fair, to discover the School of Metaphysics and the teachings of the Mystery Schools in her own backyard in Oklahoma City. During a crystal ball reading that knocked her socks off, Katherine was told "you can do this intuitive work too." Though Katherine couldn't believe such a thing. She signed up for weekly night classes to learn dream interpretation, meditation and concentration exercises and this psychic/intuitive stuff. As soon as Katherine began doing the exercises given in the classes, she began having mystical experiences that changed her life. From dream interpretations that were unbelievably accurate, to healing her eye sight, Katherine was on an amazing journey to unveiling her own destiny. Katherine went on to become a teacher and director of schools over a 4 year period with the School of Metaphysics, with one year at the College of Metaphysics where she finished advanced studies in the Mystery School teachings, as well as assisted in running the publishing company and contributing illustrations for publications there.

The 1990s, DreamWeaver and Soul Portraits Emerging

Upon leaving the College of Metaphysics in 1990, Katherine was sent to Fort Collins, CO to help a struggling school get back up on its feet. Katherine came to this lovely town and began gathering students and teaching classes, just what the school needed. Yet within a short few months Katherine knew it was time to leave. Something had changed.

Katherine had been exploring shamanic journeying and had a profound White Light experience that burst open her heart and her mind. During this experience she had complete knowledge, wisdom and love. There was nothing but light. The 3rd dimensional reality disappeared and the heavenly realm of wisdom and love were all that existed.

Upon leaving this white light dream state, Katherine was guided to leave the SOM and to vision her next step. During that visioning process Katherine was given DreamWeaver, a place where people would gather, shop and learn. It was a healing center, a center of love and light for healing the soul, and for healing the community.

And that is what Katherine did, she founded and built DreamWeaver, a giftshop and education center. This place grew from 500 square foot to 1500 sf in 12 months, to 5000 sf in 4 years. During this time 1000s of people came to find books, crystals, classes, readers, items for inspiration and healing, and so much more. It was a community of healing and transformation.

In the mid 90s, Katherine often thought her art should merge somehow with her spiritual path. Katherine would return home from a long days work and paint, asking Spirit for vision and for inner sight and inspiration to emerge through her creative painting expression. Katherine began painting her first visionary art, yet often keeping it to herself. It was also during this time that Katherine heard inwardly, "soul portraits." As soon as she heard this, she knew exactly what it was and what she was to do. Now was the time to merge her intuitive sight, hearing and empathic nature with her ability to paint. Now was the time to assist others through a spiritual painting process called Soul Portraits!

Today Katherine assists many in seeing more of their true Soul Selves through the soul portrait process, which results not only in a portrait, but also in a channeling and soul guidance session.

Shamanic Death and Rebirth - 1997 to 2003

Katherine Skaggs Guardians

In 1997 Katherine closed her beloved DreamWeaver after battling chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion and fibromyalgia for too many years.  At that time Katherine could no longer facilitate her world without a time to focus on healing her own body. She felt beat, exhausted and defeated. This inspiring woman could no longer put on a face of happiness, as her body was ill and falling down. The Reaper of this shamanic death was here to take Katherine out, to help her let go of what was no longer working (workaholism), and to move her through a passage and a release of ego at a new level. This time was an initiation to integrate her older soul self into this world, and to let go of appearances and what others thought at new levels.

After a year of not working, Katherine began to work at various jobs, all seemingly having nothing to do with who or what Katherine was really about. These jobs held many lessons and opportunities to heal the soul, as well as the mind, body and emotional being.

Katherine's tenacity moved her through this journey until 2003, when she could ultimately leave corporate America, a foreign place for Katherine, and return her to an environment with greater familiarity... another DreamWeaver co-created with a dear friend. During these years of being disassembled, Katherine stopped painting. As though with her personal death and ego death, Katherine's art also had to also go into the void.

The rebirth of Katherine came not only with the New DreamWeaver, but also with dear friend Shiloh McCloud, visionary artist, giving Katherine a visualization for painting again. After the visualization Katherine began painting in an entirely new medium, fluid acrylics. As Katherine laid down each stroke of paint onto canvas, Shiloh watched in amazement at the confidence Katherine painted with. Katherine was not surprised at all... she had been a painter for over 30 years. She just hadn't expressed it in the past five years.

Mother Mary Guides and Watches Over

Katherine Skaggs Textures of Mary

As soon as Katherine began to paint the imagery flowed and flowed and flowed. Soon Katherine became aware of Mother Mary's presence in her field, presenting Katherine with a vision to paint. Katherine kept thinking she had to get into the studio to paint this vision, yet life was busy. After three days of feeling Mary's presence, Katherine awoke in the middle of the night with Mary's urgent instructions to get up and paint. So, Katherine got up and proceeded to paint the painting, Textures of Mary. By the morning 90% of the painting was complete and Katherine was amazed at the contact with Mother Mary. Mary was benevolent and full of light and intense unconditional love and humility. She communicated the importance of her unconditional love, and how we must expand this within ourselves. She also was very clear that she is with us, holding us in a journey of awakening. She also let Katherine know that the painting was a way to bring this love to others, through the sacred imagery and the message and energy behind it.

Katherine later hung this painting in the New DreamWeaver. The first day Mary hung, a woman came in an asked if she was for sale. Now, Katherine had not sold a painting in 20 years, hadn't even tried. Katherine told the woman that she didn't know if she was for sale or not... as she hadn't even thought of it... but that she would ask Mary, as Katherine only worked intuitively.

That evening Katherine went home and sat in meditation, calling Mary and asking if she were supposed to sell her. Mary came into Katherine's consciousness. As soon as she was there she told Katherine, "Yes. We are lined up for you to paint us." "Hmmm," Katherine thought. Okay then, "How much?" Immediately Katherine heard, "$4800." "Oh my god," Katherine thought. She hadn't sold a painting in 20 years and when she had it was only for a few hundred dollars.

Well, okay then! With some trepidation, Katherine picked up the phone and called this woman to give her the news. As Katherine told the woman that Mary had said yes, the woman got excited and said, "How much?" Katherine was glad she could do this over the phone, as she was getting more nervous now that she had to say how much. Katherine sheepishly said, "$4800." The woman didn't skip a beat, "I'll take her. That is a great price... I would have paid more!"

With this series of events, it became clear to Katherine that Mother Mary was one of her main guides for her path of service through her art. Mary was there to show Katherine what was most important in using her talents to awaken others... in doing so, Katherine was assured that she would always be supported as she lived and worked from her heart of service to others through her various talents. The art was a vehicle to serve and to bring love to others, through the vision, as well as through the energetics of each painting.

The Mythical Goddess Tarot Paintings

In April 2006 Katherine went on her first tour outside of the United States. This trip was with Lydia Ruyle and Meinrad Craighead, both visionary women artisans, inspiring and educating on the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. The tour was to see Rome through the eyes of the Goddess, called Goddess Conversations, put on by dear friend Katie Hoffner. This tour was a most important part of Katherine's waking up to her mission of bringing the Goddess to others through art and education. Upon returning from this trip Katherine began a conversation with Sage Holloway about painting the goddesses for a tarot deck that Sage had dreamed of for many years. Finally in September 2006 Katherine and Sage committed to meeting in Katherine's studio to begin the journey of bringing in 78 paintings for the now Mythical Goddess Tarot. Between 2006 and 2008 Katherine channeled more than 78 paintings for the Mythical Goddess Tarot, published with Author Sage Holloway, November 2008. The work of the Mythical Goddess Tarot is a significant body of work dedicated to the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine on this planet. During this time Katherine had many profound and beautiful experiences connecting with this Divine Feminine energy and the healing of the Great Mother within all of humanity.


There is nothing more grand to Katherine than to share her experiences of the Divine with others, and to inspire them to create their own experiences that lead them to truth and love. Katherine is an inspirational teacher of Intuitive Painting, as well as Shamanism and Mystery School teachings, including dream interpretation, the chakras, meditation, visualization, and expanding one's intuition to name a few. Katherine focuses on how we are the Artist of our own lives, and that we can learn to more masterfully paint that canvas of life when we are willing to take that responsibility for ourselves in union with Spirit. Katherine is known for her unique and empowering teaching style, bringing art, creativity, guided imagery and intuition into the classroom, creating a dynamic chemistry for personal empowerment and transformation. She inspires others to paint the canvas of their lives into an authentic, colorful expression of courageous, original strokes.

Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer

Katherine Skaggs Huichol Meracame

Katherine has been studying and practicing energy healing for more than 35 years now. The mind, body, spirit relationship has had Katherine's attention for many years. She recognizes this is the vast frontier of exploration for miracles and manifestation. Today Katherine walks a metaphysical and shamanic path for healing herself and for working with others.

In 2007 Katherine was called specifically to the shamanic path to heal a broken heart. Her guides sent her to very specifically find Sandra Ingerman. This led Katherine to a 4-day shamanic healing retreat on Eagle Bear Ranch in Northern New Mexico where she also met Jose and Lena Stevens of the Power Path School of Shamanism, and two Shipibo shamans from the jungles of Peru. This was the beginning of a deep dive into a multi-cultural shamanic training program, and the healing Katherine so desperately was seeking.

Katherine fell in love with the teachings and the experiences that weekend, which led to a 10-day Introduction to Shamanism with the Power Path School of Shamanism just a few weeks later. Ceremonial work began just a month after that, and then Katherine began a two-year international advanced training in shamanism. These multi-cultural teachings from Jose and Lena Stevens and the Power Path included direct training within the lineages of the Shipibo shamans in the jungles of Peru, the Q'ero teachings from high in the Andes, the Huichol shamanic peoples of central Mexico, native american teachings, as well as buddhist, hindu, siberian, and an assortment of other traditions. In these indigenous wisdom teachings Katherine found resonance to their universal nature, no matter the tribe or location in the world. Their wisdom echoed the earlier metaphysical teachings and practices Katherine learned in the late 80s. Katherine graduated from the Power Path School of Shamanism in 2010 and has continued her life path with ceremonial work and plant diets with the Shipibo traditions in Peru, extensive work using medicine wheel practices, altar work, and other techniques and practices passed on from these traditions. As a spiritual teacher Katherine began to locally pay forward these shamanic teachings through the birth of her course Artist Shaman Healer Sage in 2011. In 2020 Katherine gave birth to her multi-award winning book Artist Shaman Healer Sage - Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul to continue to share these teachings and practices to empower others.

As a shamanic practitioner and metaphysician, Katherine works with intention, Spirit, allies and nature to assist in healing, as well as breath, sound, song, and shamanic techniques and practices.  Katherine's own personal healing journey deepens her compassion and ability to see patterns that interfere with wellness. Katherine knows it is important to recognize that she does not heal anyone, but that she assists healing of an individual by creating a container and space for healing and empowerment for others. The true healer is Spirit and lives within each of us. If one wants to emerge well, one must accept that healing occurs from the inside out. The miracle is when one becomes receptive to the miraculous of Spirit shifting the illusion of illness into the reality of well being.

Katherine has a home and studio in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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