Spirit Guide Portraits Gallery

Spirit Guides are our allies and helpers from the invisible world. A Spirit Guide can be an Angel, Ascended Master, Animal Spirit, Ancestor, and Divine Being from higher dimensions of reality. Each Spirit Guide is here to assist us in our souls advancement. They are here to support us in re-membering who we are as Spirit ourselves. They provide guidance, healing and great wisdom. If you need assistance, they are always with you. You are never alone!!!! You are born with a guide team for this life. And at various times you may get new guides or specialty guides along the way.

These spirit guides below came through to support each person, and some their businesses, in helping to bring light, high frequency energy, and portals of Divine Grace. Before I sit to do a guide painting I ask the client what their heart's desires is at this time. What do they need support of, what is their intention for shift or healing? What questions do they have of their spirit guide, or guide team? Once the client has focused in on their most important reason for connecting to their spirit guide, the portal opens and the energy and imagery of the guide comes forth. The guide or guides speak through a channeled session, both in imagery and in words for the client. High frequencies of light are emitted through the process and are embedded in the artwork, creating a living portrait and portal for the client to receive the blessings and guidance from their guide. Often an activation occurs, awakening and opening a new level of awareness and capacity for the client to receive the blessings and assistance from their beloved guide(s).

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