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Elk Medicine Totem of the Heart

b2ebc7434f3830875abb994f36ade6c1Elk Medicine is a powerful totem animal of stamina, strength, sensual passion, nobility, pride, respect, and survival. Elk teaches us the lessons about life that we need to learn.

Call Elk to help you pace yourself as you increase your stamina, for a project and for a lifetime. Look at the long journey and learn to "hit your stride" as Elk assists you in managing your energy. Perseverance is the ability you gain with the stamina Elk medicine offers. With this comes the teaching of right timing, and knowing not to rush into anything. Being present to the process is as important as achieving the goal, if not more important.

Elk also brings you wisdom when it comes to the importance of community, particularly when it comes to fellowship with the same gender. Elk herds are normally male or female. Male and female only unite during mating season.

Elk are also known as Spirit Messengers. Their antlers connect to the medicine of lightening, and channel that energy to earth. With this medicine comes instant knowing and messages from Spirit with great clarity.

To get to know Elk and call it as your ally and helper, say "hello." Call Elk to you as a new friend, with a greeting of sincerity, kindness and curiosity. Invite Elk spirit medicine into to your world by saying hello, then honoring it for its gifts and powers. Thank Elk for bringing its power to you now, and for sharing its wisdom. "Thank you Elk, for teaching me stamina and strength for the journey of life. Thank you for teaching me how to walk through this world with respect, and how to live in community. Thank you for perseverance in all areas of my life. Thank you for teaching me what is important and how to stand strong and consistent on my path."

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