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Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine


Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine by visionary artist Katherine Skaggs


Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine is an Ancient Ancestral Being. She is one who is eternal and present to life, having lived many cycles upon Earth and many places throughout the Cosmos. She is Crone Mother, Grandmother, Wise One, and the Divine One who can see through the illusions of the human journey. She is one who nurturers, as well as guides. She has weathered many storms, and enjoyed many blessings. Through it all she has blossomed into the fullness of the One who is present in love as she knows eternal life.
In her wisdom, she reminds you that all is given, that all is well. She reminds you that life is a dream, and you are the dreamer. In this dream of life, there are cycles and rhythms. She encourages you to find your observation point, your center, so you can be present to your life's experiences without becoming entrenched in the drama of a life, whether it be personal, communal, or global. There is always a plan for the soul's evolution and this world is the stage. You have a soul plan for your life's experience. Since you are the dreamer, as you become aware and neutral to the ups and downs, you can better choose, you can better navigate, you can be in the blessings of all your experiences and learn, grow, and become wise. She is one of the Ancestors and Ancient Ones watching over to support your growth. She knows that life is a gift, and that you have all you need to live in love and joy.
Owl medicine flies with this Ancient Grandmother, helping to shine the Golden Octave of Light and Truth through the darkness of the unknown. Owl helps to clear the fear, the fright, and the trauma born of separation and the unconscious human mind. As Owl clears the illusions and the fear, she held you to return to the mystery and potential of your Divine Self. Owl says to remember to Dream with intention, from your pure and whole heart, and from the depths of your true essence.
Together, the Ancient Grandmother and Owl are here to remind you that you as a soul chose to be here now. There are NO MISTAKES. They remind you that all is well from the perspective of the soul's point of view, from the soul's potential, and desire to learn and grow.
Be clear in your conscious focus. Align your focus always with the power of the whole, loving, compassionate heart. Be inspired to create through love. Be courageous and know that you are able and blessed, with Divine knowing, to be present in your life with wisdom and love. Be strong with a focus in love, in compassion, and in kindness, and you will move through the illusions of the human world. Focus with the power of light and heart through the darkness, and fear will never get in your way.
May this bless you. May you know you are always watched over and guided.

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