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Archangel Gabriel - Divine Messenger



Archangel Gabriel

Vision • Signs & Symbols • Synchronicity

Pay attention to your visions and the signs and
symbols all around. The Divine is speaking.

Archangel Gabriel is the Divine messenger, the master communicator, and the bringer of clear visions, dreams, signs, and symbols. You can count on Gabriel to assist with all communications to and from the Heavens. Know that your prayers and petitions are heard. Answers are on the way or have already arrived. 

You are on alert that the Divine is speaking to you now. Clear and precise messages come as dreams, visions, intuition, synchronicities, magical happenings, and intercessions. Are you getting downloads of new ideas, clear thoughts, feelings, and communications with the spirit of loved ones? 

If you are not clear about these messages, don’t worry. Be assured Gabriel will patiently persist with reassuring energy to get the Divine messages through in a way you can accept and understand. Guidance will flow into your awareness, possibly as a gentle breeze across your face or finding a feather upon a walk. Expect to feel uplifted and encouraged.

Katherine Skaggs ©2022 Art and Text

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