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Artist Shaman Healer Sage Book


Internationally lauded, award-winning, best seller! A beautiful, full color, illustrated 264-page, 6×9″ book filled with timeless shamanic teachings, practices, rituals, and ceremonies for making change in your life.

“A Practitioner Guidebook”

Katherine Skaggs has helped us enter a rich world of Shamanic history that comes to life before our very eyes. Her language and paintings lift her personal and ancestral wisdom, lessons, prayers, and recipes off the pages into the place where dreams come alive. Vivid stories from the past emerge into the now. Sacredness and honor for all life glide us throughout the book like an illumined feather pen casting magic of love, power, and remembrance upon the heart. Her passion for Shamanism and commitment to keep these stories alive is the true binding that holds together this fascinating knowledge, faith-inspired antiquity, and a value system steeped by a people deeply connected to nature, spirits, and All That Is. Artist Shaman Healer Sage is worthy of being deemed a practitioner guide book, an explorer's how-to book, and a historian's collector item.

— Diane K.
Founder, Differing Together™


Artist Shaman Healer Sage 

Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul

Author Katherine Skaggs

AWARD WINNING - beautiful, full color, illustrated 264-page, 6x9" book filled with timeless shamanic teachings, practices, rituals, and ceremonies for making change in your life. Both mystical and practical, assisting you in connecting to the spirit within all life, while giving you down to earth practices to transform your life. Filled with Katherine Skaggs' visionary art.

“The Clear Voice of One Who Has Made the Journey”

The choice to return home through going within is a valiant one. It is the way the hero's journey matures until we realize, we each stand at the center of the Earth. Only someone who has experienced the story Katherine tells can write with integrity: “This path is not something one embraces in a weekend class to attain a certificate saying he or she is a shaman. This is a path of the soul’s destiny to become more luminous, conscious, and awake."Artist Shaman Healer Sage is a foundational shamanic guide for igniting your creativity and passion as the conscious dreamer of your life. In earlier times, indigenous peoples embraced a single medicine woman or man. He or she was the world-bridger, the one who recognizes and connects the outer and inner worlds. Now, the time is here for a restructuring of consciousness that allows for each individual to hear the inner calling, the Voice that whispers without sound. In the Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin, I describe this as the 'Inner Teacher'. Katherine's writing speaks in the clear Voice of one who has made the journey, who knows the paths. She becomes your spiritual guide as you greet your Maker.
— Gael O'Guinn,
The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin


2022 Book Awards Winner:

Nautilus Book Awards 2022
Book Category – Religion/Spirituality of Other Traditions – Silver Winner

Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2022
Book Category – New Age – Gold Winner; Best Art – Finalist

COVR Awards 2022 (Coalition of Visionary Resources)
Book of the Year 2022; Industry Choice Book of 2022
Gold Winner in the following categories: Health and Wellness; World Spirituality; Best Book Cover
Silver Winner in the following categories: Shamanism and Paganism; Best Illustrations

Author Katherine Skaggs

Katherine Skaggs is an award winning visionary artist and author, spiritual guide and teacher, shamanic practitioner, and painter of souls. As a sensitive empath and creative artisan, she found the world of metaphysics, energy work, and all things spiritual in the early 80s, and ultimately the symbiotic path of shamanism in 2007. Katherine has studied, apprenticed, and sat in many years of healing ceremonies with shamans around the world, from the Andes to the Amazon, from the US to Peru and Mexico. She’s been a teacher of spiritual pathways since 1988, and shamanism since 2009. She now brings these universal, multicultural teachings to you from her heart-centered voice of personal experience. May you be blessed!

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