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Ascended Master White Eagle Altar Card



White Eagle
Ascended Master of Awakening

Art and Inspiration by Katherine Skaggs

Text below image and inspiration on back of card:

"Wise, gentle Ascended Master of Ascension,
Fill me with the frequency of rainbow light,
Awakening and activating my DNA,
Harmonizing my Spirit into flight."

Call upon the wise and gentle Ascended Master White Eagle to Awaken your DNA and bring you into the higher frequencies of light. He is here to awaken your 12 stranded DNA and help you to remember who you are as a Spirit in a body, so you may become the whole, illuminated human.

If you have been called to White Eagle, imagine he is sending you the frequencies of light of purity of heart, of thought, of intention, of word, and of action; of innocence, kindness, forgiveness, love and unification. These are the octaves of light and the activating harmonies to release unconsciousness and darkness. Imagine he is here to help you RE-Member all of yourself into wholeness, joy and love. Open, receive, and trust you are supported in your illumination.


Ascended Master White Eagle is a wise, gentle Ascended Master of the Great White Brotherhood of Light (also known as the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters who are here to guide humanity in its evolution and ascension." He has come to support you in all your processes of ascension, and of living your life in alignment with your higher frequencies.

When I sat to paint White Eagle, I asked him to open a portal to his wisdom, his love and his message to you. It was apparent this energy and wisdom was universal and beyond the personal. When I asked White Eagle to tell me more about the "12 Rivers of Light" he first told me "12 Tribes of Israel."

Most of mankind has misunderstood this biblical reference he says. More accurately the 12 tribes of Israel are the 12 Angelic Human Tribes. Each one carries a strand of the 12 strands of DNA of the whole or illuminated human, what I like to refer to as homo-luminous.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 1 in

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