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Dakini Kundalini Mama


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Dakini Kundalini Mama

Original acrylic painting by Katherine Skaggs, ©2003-2013

Dakini Kundalini Mama is a painting of healing and transformation. In 2003, Katherine went into her studio to process the darkness of betrayal and disappointment, painting black and red on the canvas in rage and anger. as Katherine let go of these deep feelings through the intuitive painting process (she now teaches), she experienced a release of energy so big that she went into total trance, experience undeniable blissful peace. Within this state Katherine continued to paint, and the image of the Dakini Kundalini Mama came onto canvas. Inwardly Katherine heard Dakini over and over again, only later to find this is the sanskrit word for Skydancer, or one who moves through space. A psychological definition might be one who has let go of the trappings of the mind and is authentically the self.

Kundalini is represented in the fiery energy of the oranges and reds in the painting, as it was clear this art was created in a state of kundalini rising within Katherine's own physicality.

This Dakini Kundalini Mama calls you to lift up into your own authentic, ascended self, free of human struggle and conflict, illuminated by your light filled self.

Fine art giclee' prints are available on watercolor paper or on canvas, which are archival and rated to last 80-100 years. Once ordered, giclee' prints can take 8 to 10 days to ship.

The digital art print is a beautiful replication of the art, and fits any budget. Digital prints will typically ship in 24-72 hours.

Original art is an acrylic painting on 16×20″ canvas and is in a private collection. Fine art giclee’ prints can be created up to the original size of art and are beautiful, timeless reproductions, hand signed by Katherine Skaggs.

If you want this image in another size or format, please contact us and we’ll custom create your order for you if possible.

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