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Guardians, the Healing Art of the Ancient Ones


Guardians, the Healing Art of the Ancient Ones by Katherine Skaggs, ©1995-2013



The Healing Art of the Ancient Ones

Original oil painting by Katherine Skaggs, ©1995-2013

Guardians, the Healing Art of the Ancient Ones is one of Katherine Skaggs' first visionary paintings, created as an oil on canvas in 1995. Heavily influenced by Susan Seddon Boulet's work in the 90s, Katherine reached into her intuitive, inner shamanic soul self and was given the vision and energy of eagle, owl, wolf and Divine child. The energy of the Eagle person is very much of Archangel Michael for Katherine. The message that came over and over as Katherine painted was "You are protected and guided always, in all ways."

This painting brings a theme that continually arises in Katherine's divine art imagery and energy, that we are protected and watched over from above, from the Divine, from Spirit. Wolf brings the energy of the inner teacher that resides in the heart always. Wisdom lives in this soul heart, and it is the wise wolf medicine that keeps one on the good path of Spirit, that provides complete protection. The Owl Medicine in this painting is the first "remembering" that Katherine accessed through her art, to pull in the important ally of owl into her consciousness. Eagle medicine, as mentioned above, is full of the archangel guardian Michael as protector. Yet, eagle's importance is also that as visionary, one who sees from the perspective of above. The Divine child's presence beckons innocence, and the protection that Spirit gives to the innocent mind and heart. The purity of the Divine Child is medicine for the most hardened hearts, and cleans away the fears of a human life.

May this image heal and guide you to remember who you truly are, as a Divine Child of Spirit, always watched over and protected.

Fine art prints are available in both lithographic and giclee' prints, which are archival and rated to last 80-100 years.

Lithographic prints are available to ship immediately and will do so within 24-48 hours in most cases. Giclee' prints must be ordered and can take 8 to 10 days to ship.

The digital art print is a beautiful replication of the art, and fits any budget. Digital prints will typically ship in 24-72 hours.

Original art is an oil painting on 30x40" linen canvas and is in a private collection. Fine art giclee' prints can be created up to the original size of art and are beautiful, timeless reproductions, hand signed by Katherine Skaggs.

If you want this image in another size or format, please contact us and we'll custom create your order for you if possible.

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