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Kuan Yin Altar Card


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"O beautiful lotus heart of mercy and compassion
I surrender my cares and pain to Thee
In your arms, I find peace and comfort,
My world is safe in your blessed Divinity"

Kuan Yin is the great Mother of caring and mercy who awaits the call of those in need. Invoke Her name and feel Her come to your immediate aid whenever you need her loving compassion.
She brings relief from suffering and quenches the burning fires of distress with Her healing waves of love. Her pure heart is at the ready when She is called, to administer blessing and comfort in your hour of need. Her serene calm brings sanctuary to the troubled heart, mind and body.

Call in Kuan Yin to receive Her gentle mercy and powerful assistance. It is Her joy to enfold you in Her protective embrace, blessing you and supporting you through life’s difficult times.

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