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Lord Ganesh, is the Hindu God revered as the Remover of Obstacles. He is also the patron of the arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. Being the remover of obstacles, he is also one who brings new beginnings as we release what no longer serves us.

Call upon Lord Ganesha today to assist in clearing the fears and challenges that seem to block the way, both individually and collectively. Call upon him for his support in being wise, patient and transformed by our experience now.

Thank you Ganesha for helping us all now, move through the unknown into the light. Than you for all your blessings and powers to assist us now in changing our future by being present and courageous in making the changes in our present mind, body and spirits.

In your own prayers and practices I invite you to get to know the benevolent Lord Ganesha. Call upon him to support you in removing any and all obstacles you are facing now. Sit in his calming presence and chant, sing or hum OM. This is the sound associated with Lord Ganesha, as well as is the sacred sound of ultimate reality, the consciousness of the Inner Self, Soul, Spirit.

As you pray and chant this sound, be liberated from the attachment to the events going on around you. Return home, inward to the soul's perspective. Turn your attention to the light, and know that Lord Ganesha, and the many Divine Beings of Light are with you now, to assist you in your spiritual awakening.

Be quiet. Center. Ground. Connect to the higher vibrations of love, hope, possibility and potentiation.

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