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Noya Rao, Mother Tree of Light Altar Card


Noya Rao, Mother Tree of Light brings beauty and light to illuminate your life.

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Noya Rao
Mother Tree of Light

“Great Mother of Light,
Guide me through the darkness of the Night
Illuminte my heart, illuminate my mind,
That my soul’s sight is clear and aligned.”

Once upon a time, long, long ago, Noya Rao, the beautiful Divine Goddess of Light and Creation, came to Earth in a Bobansana crystal, when the planet was barren of all life. With her power of creation, she gave birth to all the plants, birthing a new world, full of life. As time passed, she decided to stay on Earth, becoming the most luminous tree, known as a Tree of Light. 

Her story was told by a shamanic tribe for many generations, but no one had seen her for a long time, so she was thought to be extinct. Then one night a powerful shaman began to dream of her again. He knew he must find her, and bring her medicine to the people. Yet, the only way to do so was to go into the dark night, into the dangers of the jungle, without any light or illumination. By doing so, when he came upon her, he would recognize her by her luminous leaves that had fallen to the ground.

Noya Rao calls you to truth and love, beyond the darkness and forgetfulness of the human life. Have faith in the Light to show you the way. Look to your dreams for guidance, then follow them to the place within, and throughout your dream as human. She is here to light your way, through nothing but love, through nothing but light.

Available in both 5x7" Altar Card and 8x10" Poster Card, with this beautiful story and guidance printed on the back.

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Noya Rao, Mother Tree of Light

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