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Phoenix Rising


Poster and fine art prints of Phoenix Rising by Katherine Skaggs

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The Phoenix Rising is about transformation, transmutation and arising from the ashes of life's difficult experiences.Magic, alchemy, fire medicine and power are energies Phoenix Rising offers you now.

The medicine of the Phoenix Rising brings great and magical powers to burn away fear, and all challenging energies and experiences that carry the fear and trauma patterns, in your life personally, as well as in the collective consciousness that seeks transformation.

Ask the Phoenix to assist you in your own shamanic death, so you may let go of attachments and ego driven life and rise out of the ashes born anew. Die to past stories that limit your vast, expansive light and expression.

If the Phoenix Rising has come to you today, know it is time for great change. Do not be afraid, for you are an eternal being, born of eternal life. Your deathing brings a rebirth. Be prepared for great magic, possibility and expanded awareness and wisdom. Work with the element of fire to purify, illuminate and ignite your passions. You are a fiery, magical soul light.

The Phoenix is an ancient, alchemical symbol of great power and magic.

Phoenix Rising Altar Card

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