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White Dog Mayan Totem Oc


White Dog, OC is available in poster prints on paper, as well as fine art prints on canvas, and on aluminum.


White Dog
Mayan Totem Oc

Loyalty • Truth • Courage • Protection • Dedication
Associated Goddess - Mother Mary

Adapted for Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle

The White Dog is the tenth Mayan zodiac day sign also known as Oc. Oc brings the pure heart medicine of loyalty, courage, protection and dedication. Oc brings peace through loyalty, gathering tribe with the blessings of unconditional love and heart centered devotion.

This vision of this image brings forth the power of the White Dog Wolf medicine, blended with the image of this indigenous wise woman, as well as a sacred circle of tribe, both in-body and ancient spirit helpers, celebrating the beauty and love of heart. A peace pipe is offered, to call all together into the sacred circle of Spirit, with the smoke rise as the ladder of DNA. Mother Mary stands in the back on the right, offering her devotion and unconditional love to assist in the ascension process that occurs once the heart is opened to the sacredness of pure love. Hummingbird drinks the nectar of the passion flower, symbolizing the joy of a passionate, loving heart.

A rainbow of light codes travel from the eyes of this wise one down to the tribal gathering, encoding the frequency of the loyal heart for all to receive. The vast cosmic sky and moon energy unites all elements into the vast cosmic scene of life, weaving this medicine into all of life.

If OC, the White Dog inspires you today, connect to your heart now. Be loyal and true to your heart desires. Be courageous enough to love fully, dedicated to the truth of Spirit. Let this energy in to awaken your Christ light and guide you to wholeness.



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